About me

Every dream begins to take shape in childhood and my story is no different. Each of us have an primal influence that shapes the person that we later become. My story starts in a rather small city in Romania, with a grandmother! She started sewing when she was young, in the Communist Era of Romania. Back then, everything was so different but even in those dark times, passion and dedication would still shine. She developed a good practice working on orders for the women in the city. She was respected for her work and I remember seeing the satisfaction on her face whenever she was making a client happy.

My story starts with maybe the most important characteristic: CURIOSITY.

I started working with her and soon discovered that my fashion sense was out of the box. I was dressing very differently compared to my peers and this was not always a good thing in  a post communist society. But as a young lady I thought it was making me special so I started making my own clothes. My parents were not always happy with me cutting my jeans or customising my school uniform. As time went by, I decided that I need to better understand this passion which came natural to me. I wanted to know what it takes to go from natural talent to actually knowing the ins and outs of fashion design.

Thus, I started my design degree in university and finished top of my class. It’s an amazing feeling to find your calling and I was hooked. Needle and thread conquered my soul. My evolution from raw talent material to a more sophisticated creator spanned across these last 8 years and it is an ongoing process that I am more than happy to share with you. Besides the love for the craft, I took another  thing from my grandmother: and that is the satisfaction that comes from making a client happy. That moment, when she looks in the mirror for the first time and starts spinning and the dress falls perfectly, her face is light up by a huge smile, that for me, is a feeling of immense gratification.

Each creation I make is a lesson learnt and each creation is a piece of me. At the moment I work alone and each aspect of my work is done by myself. It takes around 2 days to make a piece and  I can proudly say that  my focus is on quality, authenticity and respect for the craft, rather than quantity. It is an intimate process that you and I share and I am sure that by allowing you in it, you will end up understanding the value of the creation you will be wearing.

As a girl, and now a woman, I love flowers! Unexpected, right? My favourite flowers are the peonies and i always wanted to combine these two amazing forces: fashion and nature.

As time went by, my artistic vision became clearer and through hundreds of hours of trial and error, I am finally happy to share with you my vision and my work.